Yoga 44 by Jen Scev

We are busier than ever offering outdoor yoga private instruction. Yoga 44 simplifies yoga. We bring effective and accessible classes right to your group with fresh mats and props. Imagine yoga on the dock, the beach, in your backyard, your own studio, or any space of your choice! We come to you for private instruction.  Safe, distanced, classes in Naples, Florida. Fresh mats and props are provided if needed.  The class begins with breathing exercises to find focus, and laying posture foundations to cultivate correct alignment. It then moves into a vibrant vinyasa flow with music to get the heart rate going, and finishes with a beautiful meditation. Jen Scev of Yoga 44 is traditionally trained in Ashtanga and has experience in teaching Power Yoga, Pilates Fusion, Restorative Yin, and Breathwork Pranayama classes. Contact Jen for Customization & Special Events. | | 647 535 7238.