Be Well in Paradise partners with Spiritual Communities Network to offer “Spirit of Wellness,” a full day of free events online to inspire healthy living. Over a dozen practitioners will provide half-hour sessions throughout the day including meditation, yoga, whole body wellness techniques, interactive cooking class with Coast Restaurant’s chef at Edgewater Beach Hotel, essential oil experiences, mindfulness class, nutritional discussions, introduction to Blue Zones Project, and more. 

Saturday September 19 Calendar of Events

9am – Kristi Oen Unlocking the Key to Disease
According to the American Heart Association, 95% of all diseases are caused by a lack of blood flow. The microcirculatory system is critical to your health! Learn and practice various techniques to increase your microcirculation during this interactive class.

10am -Sarah Sparks Level Up:
Becoming Real “Hey Love! Let’s get real and raw! Your need to be a perfect person is mucking up the waters and stopping you from leading with your soul. It is stopping you from: – the flow of money coming to you. – truly connecting to Spirit, Your Divine Guidance. – having the real, meaningful, passionate relationship you want. During this 30-minute, powerful, interactive talk you will unearth who you really are, what changed for you, and what your message is that you want others to know.

11am-Denise Flood interested – Live in the Light
“An interactive introduction to cutting the cords of our past to step more fully into our next best version of our selves and our world. This half hour interactive experiential class will incorporate EFT, Meditative Prayer-work and Essential Oils”

12pm-Edgewater Beach Hotel
Zucchini Stir Fri Demonstration Chef Ricciardella will demonstrate his best methods for preparing & serving Zoodles Stir Fry, a nutritious & truly delicious low-carb entrée. There will also be give-aways from the Blue Zones Project. For all who register we will provide a shopping list & recipe card ahead of time so you can join in on the fun and prepare your own lunch!

1pm – Cecilia Comperatore
Emotional Health with Essential Oils There is a simple way to feel better emotionally and handle stressful feelings. Join us to see how simple it can be! There will be live demos and prizes! And….everyone who participates in the live event will be entered to win a custom made roller ball.

2pm -Dolores Gozzi – Warrior Goddess – Be Authentic
Learn how to allow yourself to understand what the difference is and how each individual has a different way to work with these stories. We can struggle with an unripe story for years. We can intellectually understand that what we are telling ourselves is not true. We can try and pretend it doesn’t affect us. We can try and ignore the hurt. But it is still there, a bitter, unripe story that we don’t accept, so it slowly poisons us.

3pm – Sharon Bruno – Optimizing Your Health
Preventive and proactive medical care is more important now more than ever. Learn about any underlying health condition that may impact your longevity with Longevity Solutions’ deep-dive assessment. Longevity analyzes your DNA, sequences your genome, gets advanced images of your brain and body, and offers a program of fitness and nutrition that can add years to your life. Don’t manage your decline. Optimize your health.

4pm – Valerie Johnston – Empower yourself with ThetaHEALING
Introduction to Thetahealing with Valerie Johnston
STUCK? STRESSED? SEEKING HELP? Empower yourself with ThetaHealing®, a meditation technique that equips you with tools for increased mental, physical, and spiritual health.

5pm – Meant2Move – Functional Exercise For Fitness & Longevity
The single best way to improve strength, flexibility, and cardio at the same time. Join my interactive class and learn how functional training is blowing up across the world!

6pm – Peggy Sealfon – How to Be Well and Be Mindful
Learn opportunities in our community to tap into programs, products and services that make a difference in your life! Plus, understand how mindfulness practices contributes to well-being.