BWIP Group LLC is a hub to promote wellness events that are maintained and operated by third parties not under the control of BWIP Group LLC. During an Event, Participant is responsible for abiding by all policies, regulations and requirements of the third parties. BWIP Group LLC reserves the right to make changes to the calendar of events whenever we are informed by the event organizers.

Events may be cancelled or suspended by third parties unbeknownst to BWIP Group LLC, therefore it is solely the participants responsibility to determine if the event is still taking place. Events may include activities requiring physical agility and mobility. ┬áParticipant acknowledges and agrees that it is the Participant’s responsibility to investigate and understand the nature of activities during an Event and to determine that he/she is in appropriate physical condition to participate in the Event. BWIP Group LLC shall not be held liable for personal injury, property damage, theft or damage of any kind, including but not limited to economic loss, suffered by the Participant in connection with any Event, whether due to the negligence of Event staff, third parties, or others.