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So you’ve planned a healthy get-away to reboot your life, but you’ve stressed yourself to the max getting ready for your departure. So here are 6 ways to stay in balance.

  1. Stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water.  Dehydration can put stress on your body and actually manifest symptoms of anxiety.  If flying, take your own bottle of water. Empty it before you pass through TSA security and then refill it on the other side.  Many airports now have water refilling stations near restrooms.
  2. Pack light so you’re not exhausting yourself by dragging and managing heavy suitcases. Unless you’re going to a third-world country, you should be able to streamline what you need. Stick with the basics. You can always buy items at your destination.
  3. Check in Online & Get There Early. If you’re traveling by plane, you can do an online check-in which reduces stress.  Plus get to the airport early so you don’t get anxious about getting through the security checkpoints. If traveling by car, make sure to get your vehicle serviced before hitting the road to avoid any problems.  Be up to date on oil changes, etc.
  4. Be mindful about your personal belongings. When stressed, it’s easy to get mindless about money, credit cards, passport, etc.  So have a designated place for these items and mindfully place what you need where you need them.  Be consistent and make it a habit so there’s no question that you have what you need. 
  5. Pack healthy snacks. Nuts and fruits are excellent combinations to give you protein and healthy sugars. In a pinch, you might take dried fruits.  Other easy-to-pack options to consider are hard-boiled eggs for a quick protein pick-me-up or a smoothie to drink on the way.
  6. Rest, restore, meditate. It helps to practice non-reaction to all the irritations that occur when traveling. Having enough sleep allows your coping mechanisms to work more efficiently. Or learn a simple meditation technique that you can use anywhere and anytime. A simple approach is to take a few very slow deep breaths which signals the body to calm down and activates the relaxation response.

For a transformational practice, download Integrative Relaxation for Travelers to your phone, which in 20 minutes delivers the equivalent of 3-4 hours of deep sleep.  Based on the ancient teachings of Amrit Yoga Nidra, it’s highly restorative.

Safe and healthy travels! (Article by Peggy Sealfon)

They’re popping up all over the world like mushrooms after a rain storm.  They are places you can visit that are designed for you to refresh, restore, de-stress and feel both nurtured and challenged. Recent travel trends are exploding with global wellness options from yoga and meditation retreats to adventure nature experiences and top-of-the-line spa experiences.

Wellness travel offers many benefits, as it allows you to rejuvenate and reenergize without overindulging or feeling guilty upon your return home. Strive for a sense of balance on these getaways; for example, if you participate in culinary events like wine tastings, supplement them with physical activities, such as yoga, or paddle boarding. Taking a break from your normal routine and doing more for the body and mind will help you find stress relief. Yoga and meditation offer much-needed relaxation and are invaluable coping mechanisms to incorporate into your daily life. Learning how to reduce anxiety on these trips will benefit you in the long run if you continue to apply these new mental and physical health solutions.

So what’s a “Wellness Destination?” According to the Wellness Tourism Association, it’s “A geographical area that fosters and promotes wellness as an integral part of life within the community and economics of the region.” 

One of the most recent additions to the global scene is Florida’s Paradise Coast which consists of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades. The area is a Blue Zones Project, a community-wide well-being improvement initiative to help make healthy choices easier for everyone. Plus, the area has been recognized for an unprecedented three years in a row by Gallup-Sharecare as the “happiest, healthiest place” in the country.  So for anyone looking for a quick pick-me-up, the 1st Annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience will take place on Saturday, January 19, 2019. There will be lots of activities to experience from active choices (kayaking through the Everglades or a swamp walk at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary) to mindful events (yoga on the beach, a Zero Stress Zone Flash Mob Meditation), and lots more including healthy cooking sessions, spa retreats, workshops and classes.  In fact, this is a perfect area for a wellness retreat any time of the year!  Check out details at  

(Article by Peggy Sealfon)

It’s impossible to enjoy your “get-away” if you’re exhausted.  Here are a few secrets to getting more rest so you can be in tiptop form and be able to truly enjoy every minute of your vacation.

  1. Choose your hotel wisely. Today’s trendier hotels are offering better quality sleep environments with special mattresses, cooling sheets, aromatherapy in room and more.  Make sure your room is not alongside a noisy street, entrance or elevator shaft. Ask!  Check it out in advance.
  2. Sleep Accessories. Pack items that will help improve your sleep such as eye masks, ear plugs or headphones that you can use with your smartphone to listen to quieting music or sleep-inducing programs.
  3. Avoid stimulating foods and drinks within two hours of bedtime. Alcohol, coffee, even chocolate can interfere with the natural hormonal releases that encourage good sleep. So reduce your intake of these as you approach sleep hours!
  4. Wind down before bedtime. It may be challenging to stick to a sleep routine when you’re caught up in the excitement of being in a new place. But it will help tremendously if you can begin to quiet your body and mind an hour before bedtime.  Dim lights and choose to do something relaxing.
  5. Use meditation or Yoga Nidra. If you simply cannot calm down, try a meditation technique. You can access Headspace or Insight Timer for some free options.  A powerfully transformational technique is Amrit Yoga Nidra, a sleep-based meditation you can do in bed at night. Just 20 minutes can deliver the impact of 3 to 4 hours of deep sleep.  Check out digital downloads

Sleep is a primal need that is often compromised. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain, inability to make good decisions, fogginess, aches and pains and more.  So sleep is essential to get the most benefit and enjoyment out of your vacation…and your life! (Article by Peggy Sealfon)

Many people think essential oils are rather poofy or frivolous.  That’s because they don’t know the true benefits. Lavender is one of the best for all around use. Here’s the scoop.

Essential oils have been around for centuries and are shown to have therapeutic phytochemical properties especially for certain conditions. Lavender has been extensively studied to reveal anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. In cabins of airplanes, for instance, where the air is a breeding ground for harmful microbes, a dab of essential oil of lavender under the nose is thought to cleanse the air you breathe.  So it’s a good protector of the immune system which can become overly stressed and compromised from the toll oxidative stress of traveling takes on body and mind.

In crowds of people at restaurants, museums or other tourist sites, you’ll find that dabbing a few drops of lavender under your nose can protect you against all kinds of illnesses that might be circulating in the group of strangers.  It’s a simple practice to keep a small bottle accessible in your pocket or purse and make it a habit to take a sniff or two every hour.

Sprinkling a few drops of essential oil of lavender on your pillow or bed sheets at night can help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is calming and relaxing. It helps improve sleep. Some people actually swear by the use of lavender for insomnia.

If you find yourself in a nerve-wracking situation, lavender can come to the rescue. Just breathe in the scent and it signals the nervous system to quiet down. Anxiety and irritations are easily handled!

Lavender oil has also been used to calm respiratory issues from throat infections to flu, cough, colds and sinus congestion.  On the road, it might be difficult to find an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser but you can get in a warm shower with a wash cloth and sprinkle some lavender oil on the wet cloth and inhale deeply. Or you can apply it topically to the skin on your neck or chest.

It’s important to use pure, good quality essential oil of lavender. Stay away from lavender colognes or perfumes that are an amalgam of scents. For the most benefit, stick with the real deal from a reliable essential oils maker. (Article by Peggy Sealfon)