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There was a spectacular turnout for over 40 “wellness” activities.

1st Annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience.

From Florida’s Everglades to Marco Island to Naples, the Paradise Coast is the place to revitalize, restore, relax and revel in amazing ways to feel great!

Mark your 2019 calendars for;

Global Wellness Day – June 8th.

World Wellness Weekend – September 21-22.

Details to follow.

Welcome to Florida’s Paradise Coast- Naples, Marco Island and Everglades - America’s Happiest & Most Unique Wellness Destination

Mind & Body Renewal

Experience immersive well-being through experiences that align body, mind, heart and spirit. Enrich your whole life. Relax, restore, revitalize at world-class spas, studios, and many options throughout the area.

Healthy Eating

As a Blue Zones Project, our area has exciting choices of restaurants with fresh ingredients, using local sources, outdoor environments and inspired tastes. A great way to kick-start a mindful, nutritional approach

Wellness Workshops & Classes

Take advantage of trainings in stress management, work-life balance, nutrition, fitness, and more. Find exercise, weight-loss, and nutrition classes to get healthy now.  Arrange for customized  corporate or private programs

For three consecutive years, Gallup-Sharecare has awarded recognition to the Paradise Coast as the happiest, healthiest place in America. As a Blue Zones Project, Southwest Florida is engaged in a global well-being improvement initiative to make healthy choices accessible to all.

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