Experience the #1 rated U.S. destination for well-being. Florida’s nature filled tropical Paradise Coast – Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades is the place to revitalize. restore. relax and revel in amazing ways to feel great!

The Global Wellness Institute defines “Mental Wellness” as “an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect, and function; it is an active process that helps us to build resilience, grow and flourish.”  Be Well in Paradise is proud that many of our community wellness programs provide clear pathways to improving creativity, growth, rejuvenation and connection.  In other words, we are already providing opportunities to improve well being. But now more than ever, we wish to amplify this effort more proactively.  Our intention is to provide skills and strategies that can help individuals more effectively and easily navigate through difficult challenges whether personal, environmental or societal. Our emphasis is on mental wellness rather than treating mental illness. As GWI says: Mental Wellness “is an active process of moving from languishing, resilience, to flourishing.   We want to support and expand this mental wellness initiative.  Will you help?  Please donate now.

Check out the wellness calendar for unique, fun and stimulating activities in the great outdoors any day of the year

Create your personalized mind-body retreat for an hour or multiple days during any of our robust countywide wellness experience events throughout the year


For the fourth consecutive year, Gallup-Sharecare has awarded recognition to the Paradise Coast as the happiest, healthiest place in America. As a Blue Zones Project, Southwest Florida is engaged in a global well-being improvement initiative to make healthy choices accessible to all.

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